Crown Women Rising Ghana

Women Entrepreneurs Empowered For Africa's Prosperity
Venue: Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) Conference Hall
Program Highlights

Meet Our Country Director

Nana Sekyere is the founder and Country Director of the Ghana chapter of Crown Women Rising (CWR), a women-led non-profit organisation with focus on empowering women and promoting women in business. Nana is the owner and CEO of Incredible Landscaping Limited, a company engaged in landscaping design and construction for high-end residential properties in South Africa and Ghana...

She nurtures a profoundly soft spot for the progress of young women entrepreneurs, most of whom, she believes, have great potentials but are simply handicapped by lack of exposure for their products and are disenfranchised in business because their voices hardly travel beyond their shadows. Nana dedicates most of her time and resources to reaching out to such persons and enable them to belong and grow.Nana is an ordained minister, a counselor, humanitarian and a mother to many children. As a true humanitarian, Nana is hospitable to all without reservation. Her strong faith in the Gospel leads her to pursue a life resplendent with pure generosity and philanthropy, expressed in her personal commitment to the welfare of hundreds of school children, street kids, the homeless and underprivileged children from all walks of life in Ghana, South Africa and the United States.

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Nana Sekyere Nana Sekyere

Our Speakers

Dr Afua A. Kufuor

Dr. Adrienne B. Johnson

Adrienne Johnson is determined to inspire people internationally. She is focused on... developing leaders who leave a mark on people, organizations and the world.

With 30+ years of well-honed expertise in leadership development and business acumen, she is often described by her clients as a pragmatic strategist, innovative problem solver and a keen executive coach.

Name the leadership challenge; whether it’s helping empower women in rural African villages or helping young executives to enhance their overall leadership effectiveness. She has an innovative solution. Currently she is the CEO of Infinity Global Connections.

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Dr Anino Emuwa

Dr Anino Emuwa

Dr Anino Emuwa is an international management consultant with over twenty-five years’ in banking and... management consultancy. She is the founder and managing director of Avandis Consulting in France. Her firm provides strategy and financial advisory services to business leaders and entrepreneurs. She is a business coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs for Cartier Women Initiatives Awards and the Cherie Blair Foundation.

She is an experienced non-executive director and most recently was a member of the board of Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company PLC where she was chair of the audit committee and the board lead for strategy.

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LaJuanna Russell

Angel Livas

Angel Livas is a Gracie Award-Winning Executive Producer, an Author, the President, and CEO of ... DC Media Connection, LLC; the Founder of The Woman Behind The Business; and the award-winning host of “The Woman Behind The Business” Talk Show, which airs on 96.3FM – HD4 in Washington, DC.

With nearly two-decades of media experience, Angel believes in sharing her wealth of multi-media expertise to help propel the success of others. In 2016, Angel was highlighted in the Washington Business Journal under “People On The Move” and named “Influential Business Woman of 2016” by AI Magazine. Prior to launching her small business career, Angel oversaw six-nationally syndicated talk-radio shows, which included producing programming for award-winning celebrity hosts: Larry King & Jane Pauley.

She's a proud lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and a 2019 recipient of the prestigious Communicator Award!

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Linda Gieskes-Mwamba

Linda Gieskes-Mwamba

Linda Gieskes-Mwamba, is the founder of Suki Suki Naturals. Linda was born in Kinshasa... , Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but grew up in Brussels and Johannesburg. Her passion in beauty and skincare started when she was a curious five year old, clambering into her mother’s beauty cabinet and playing with her French cosmetics.

However, the trigger for Suki Suki Naturals was in 2010, when Linda - then studying law — wanted to grow her treated hair out into an afro. All the hair products available were either full of chemicals, or were ridiculously expensive — or both. She couldn’t afford to have natural hair! Linda, then started playing with butters and oils to soften her locks, and decided to treat her hair herself, using her knowledge of natural ingredients. This lead to the development of the Miraculous Oil, Suki Suki’s first and still most popular product.

With Linda’s cosmopolitan background — proudly African with a Francophone influence — she wove her heritage, her passion and her knowledge into a uniquely formulated, fully natural, harm-free luxury product.

Initially, Suki Suki Naturals was a personal project while Linda was studying law. In 2012, she moved to the United States to take the Bar Exam. But after taking the New York Bar Exam, the brand was slowly gaining grass roots popularity in South Africa. Purely through word of mouth, the brand became in high demand. In 2014, she came back home and decided to launch Suki Suki Naturals, whilst still working as a lawyer. However, in 2017, Linda left law behind and dedicated herself fully to all natural beauty care, and gave Suki Suki Naturals a proper shot.

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Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, but currently resides in Macon..., GA. During her time in Philadelphia, PA., Jessica started her own business consultancy firm named Real Solutions for Real People. Her motto, “We help real people find solutions to their everyday problems personally and professionally.” She also hosted a radio show named All about beauty, business, and you which focused on the beauty industry, entrepreneurs, and community related current events.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Business Management from Colorado Technical University, which gives her the people and business skills necessary to help entrepreneurs like herself get their businesses up and running and thriving long-term. As a result of her business education and being an entrepreneur for over 12 years, she came up with the “Entrepreneur Spotlight”.

This mini-series highlights entrepreneurs and the great product and services they provide. Through a series of question and answers, Entrepreneur Spotlight showcases the personality, character, and professionalism of each guest. Aside from the “Entrepreneur Spotlight”, Jessica has started and aired several podcasts, relating to personal and business credit, finance, and asset protection. Her greatest accomplishment thus far is spreading her knowledge about business to the masses via her various entertainment platforms.

Having over 15 years of experience working in almost every capacity in human services gives her keen insight into human behaviour. As a result, she started her business finance arm where she helps business owners (non-and for-profit) get financing to help them expand their business. Being a forward thinker, has also allowed her to Start Mobu Enterprises, a green construction firm, that builds residential and commercial structures out of shipping containers.

The goals of each business are to help people reach their dreams through education and dream fulfilling. The finance division allows her to help businesses tap into the “Credit Game” and the construction firm allows people to build their dream home or commercial space. She believes “The sky is not the limit”

In Jessica’s spare time she plays with her dog, visits new eateries, and traveling. Her other professional accomplishments include, but are not limited to public speaking, hosting webinars, and launching massive successful marketing campaigns. Her one main goal in life is to help everyone she encounters, reach their full potential.

Upcoming projects include, international housing development, commercial entertainment space development, co-working incubators, and joint ventures on other business endeavours that will minimize crime and violence, reduce selfhate amongst domestic violence victims, and reducing recidivism and homelessness amongst youth, veterans, and ex-felons. She can be contacted at

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Esther Fife

Esther Fife

Esther Fife is a passionate financial services professional who has held leadership roles ...with major banks in Boston, Ma. and Tampa Bay, Fl. In her current role as a Assistant Vice President with global financial dignity nonprofit Operation HOPE, Fife leads the team in providing Professional Development and implements training programs to all employees including coaches who serve individuals in the communities, teaching Financial Literacy and building credit scores so they can access funding them to reach their goals such as Home Ownership, Business ownership, and other long term personal goals. Fife recently – after visiting Ghana in 2018- founded D New U- her own hairline of African Braided wigs, made right here in Ghana Africa by local women and exported for sale to the USA.

Prior to her current role, Fife was also a teacher with Tampa Public Schools in Florida USA. She has also owned businesses in event planning, property management and personal/business development.

Fife holds a master’s degree in management and small business development. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she currently lives in Lakeland FL. She began her banking career in Trinidad where she worked for Republic Bank Ltd after attending their very first Youth Link Program in 1986. She was selected as one of the 50 participants island wide to gain full time employment after a brief “part time” position following her training program. She was employed there for 7 years before migrating to Boston Ma where she held roles such as Merchandise Manager at West Indian Jewelry in the downtown Boston area before returning to Banking in 1998.

One of Esther’s great accomplishments was obtaining her Masters Degree MMG later in life than most, after just a high school/secondary education due to her the absence of finances in her youth which made it difficult for her parents to fund her college education. This took a great deal of sacrifice and determination in her adult life juggling career and studies. Esther also became a homeowner and a landlord after 4 years of migrating to USA from Trinidad.

Her faith on the other hand and her strong passion to help others succeed by sharing her wealth of knowledge when needed are things that keep her always “on the move. She always finds an opportunity to give back by volunteering both in her community and her Church – Without Walls International in Tampa FL- where she is overseen by Bishop Randy White. Esther is an ordained and license Religious minister/Elder at this non denominational non profit place of worship.

Her goal in her words “My goal is to make a difference in the life of others and empower them to live a financially free life and accomplish their dreams while fulfilling their God given purpose!

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